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Madelyn Energy Limited, with its network of partner companies strategically located worldwide has the technical, logistics and financial support to offer procurement solutions on a wide range of equipments, machineries and materials on time and on budget, while adhering to the specifications of the quality assurance and quality monitoring /audit team of our clients.

(a) Gas Application Equipments Procurement Solutions

(b) Control / Instrumentation Panel procurement Solutions                        

(C) Process Equipment procurement Solution

(d) Power Equipments Procurement Solutions                     

(e) Oil Rig Drilling Equipments & Tools Procurement Solutions:

(f)  Industrial gases procurement Solutions:

We offer industrial, medical and calibration gases application procurement solutions for welding & fabrication, health care, Oil & Gas and process industries. To further facilitate gas applications in the Oil & Gas industry, Madelyn Energy Limited constructs cylinder crates / bundles for filling and delivery of industrial gases such as O2, Co2, and Argon to on shore and offshore locations and project sites.

On special demand for companies handling big project which requires large volume of argon application our company can arrange for procurement, shipment and delivery (on-shore / off-shore) of liquid Argon in rented ISO tank containers and manage the logistics and documentation to ensure re-exportation of empty ISO tanks to shippers / owners Cylinder Crate, Calibration gas

 (h) Contract procurement and leasing services solution:

Madelyn Energy Limited undertakes contract procurement, shipment and delivery of cryogenic tank container, High Pressure Nitrogen Pump on skids, Dual purpose welding machine for welding and site lighting for oil services companies and help mobilize equipment to site for oil pipe line maintenance / servicing such as pipe line Nitrogen purging. Leasing / renting of various capacities of cryogenic tank containers, Miller Big Blue welding machines, Nitrogen pump on skids for onshore and swamp pipeline maintenance / servicing and mud pumps.