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Madelyn Energy Limited

Madelyn Energy Limited is procurement, logistics and oil field support services company, with domestic and international partner companies. Madelyn Energy Limited has, because of these existing partnerships, been able to leverage on various areas of core competence of these partner companies to provide logistics, support services and procurement solutions to companies in the Oil & Gas and process industries, while ensuring that projects / services are delivered according to specifications, on time and on budget.

Madelyn Energy Limited values integrity, trust, diversity and ingenuity as a company and in our employees. This commitment reflects Madelyn Energy Limited’s policy to afford equal opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of their religion, sex, age, disability, or veteran status. This commitment is more than adhering to laws. It is the recognition and appreciation of individual uniqueness and the value of a diverse workforce

At Madelyn Energy Limited we crave big challenges. We’re inspired by the impossible. We play to win. And we win a lot. Your future starts here and you’re the star.


We understand that an effective Quality Management Policy actively works to improve business performance, through understanding of customer requirements, and by control of the operational procedures to ensure that requirements are met first time and every time. We apply this concept to provide products and services to our customers that are in accordance with all the specified requirements and the project and services accepted standards and procedures.

Our products and services are:

(1) Procurement solutions

(2) Fabrication and oil field service

(3) Onshore / Offshore Logistics support services

(4) Manpower supply

(5) Manpower Development & Training

(6) Project management services


Madelyn Energy Limited, with its network of partner companies strategically located worldwide has the technical, logistics and financial support to offer procurement solutions on a wide range of equipments, machineries and materials on time and on budget, while adhering to the specifications of the quality assurance and quality monitoring /audit team of our clients.

(a) Gas Application Equipments Procurement Solutions

Cryogenic tanks ,ISO tank container, Cryogenic pump ,waste Heat recovery unit , Heat exchangers

(b) Control / Instrumentation Panel procurement Solutions

Switch Gears, Industrial UPS

(C) Process Equipment procurement Solution

Precision Torque Hydraulic power unit, Drill Bowl, Bearings, Spinning Pipe Wrenches, Safety Clamps, Drill Pipe Elevators (8) Drive Bushings, Centrifugal Pump

(d) Power Equipments Procurement Solutions              


(e) Oil Rig Drilling Equipments & Tools Procurement Solutions:

(f)  Industrial gases procurement Solutions:

We offer industrial, medical and calibration gases application procurement solutions for welding & fabrication, health care, Oil & Gas and process industries. To further facilitate gas applications in the Oil & Gas industry, Madelyn Energy Limited constructs cylinder crates / bundles for filling and delivery of industrial gases such as O2, Co2, and Argon to on shore and offshore locations and project sites.

On special demand for companies handling big project which requires large volume of argon application our company can arrange for procurement, shipment and delivery (on-shore / off-shore) of liquid Argon in rented ISO tank containers and manage the logistics and documentation to ensure re-exportation of empty ISO tanks to shippers / owners Cylinder Crate, Calibration gas

 (h) Contract procurement and leasing services solution:

Madelyn Energy Limited undertakes contract procurement, shipment and delivery of cryogenic tank container, High Pressure Nitrogen Pump on skids, Dual purpose welding machine for welding and site lighting for oil services companies and help mobilize equipment to site for oil pipe line maintenance / servicing such as pipe line Nitrogen purging. Leasing / renting of various capacities of cryogenic tank containers, Miller Big Blue welding machines, Nitrogen pump on skids for onshore and swamp pipeline maintenance / servicing and mud pumps

Mud Pump, Cryogenic ISO Tank containers.


(a) Pipeline facilities maintenance and pipeline laying services:

Madelyn Energy Limited offers specialized services to the oil and gas / process industries such as pipeline pre-commissioning services, pipe line commissioning services and pipeline inspection, hydro testing, integrity testing and management, and other associated pipeline facilities and process industries maintenance services. Laying, repair maintenance of onshore and swamp pipelines.

Nitrogen Services, Nitrogen purging & testing, Nitrogen / helium leak detection, testing, cleaning and drying services, pipeline freezing, system cleaning and decreasing, chemical cleaning and treatment, Nitrogen foam inserting.

Pipeline integrity testing & management, pipeline pigging

 Production facilities upgrade & maintenance, wellhead upgrade, manifold upgrade, flow lines construction and maintenance.

(b) Tank inspection, repairs and fabrication:

Our company provides tank repairs and maintenance services such as bottom replacement, shell repairs, fixed and floating roof repairs and replacement, tank releveling, fitting and appurtenances, tank seal inspection and repairs, rolling ladders and stair tread fitting, construction of walkways & stairways, handrails and platforms, tank design, fabrication and construction.

(1)Foot Landing (2) Foot Platform (3) Stairways

(c) Scaffolds: Supply, Erecting & Dismantling


(a) Onshore Logistics & Support Services:

Madelyn Energy Limited offers a world class logistics and support services for on shore operations for companies in the Oil & Gas industry. These services include shipping logistics, freight handling and forwarding and haulage

(i) Freight clearing & Forwarding: We have the ability and capacity to handle and deliver all types of shipments, ranging from highly sensitive and fragile equipments to heavy, awkward-one piece machineries and equipments, to bulk shipments and deliver same to  onshore / offshore project sites, and to  any part of Nigeria, the West African sub region and the oil rich Gulf of Guinea. We Madelyn Energy Limited will do this on time at acceptable cost while keeping the client up to date with real time information. We in do understand and appreciate the dynamics of companies in the Oil and Gas and process industries who depend on export & import logistics for on- time delivery of vital machineries, equipments and spare parts needed for the execution and completion of time sensitive projects.

(ii) Shipping logistics: Straville Incumbent Ltd offers shipping logistics solutions with a baise for temporary exportation of equipments to manufacturers for repairs, recalibration, or outright replacement, and re-importation of same to the customers. This service becomes necessary if equipment or tools cannot be repaired or recalibrated locally, or if a machinery / equipment with wrong specifications was erroneously shipped by the manufacturer.

 (b) Offshore Operations Support Services:

Straville Inc can lease and rent heavy and light Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) like deep water vessel, inland tugs, crew boats, barges, etc to companies in the oil and gas industry. With the technical support of our partner companies who are experts in subsea support services solutions, we are committed to making available to our customers, efficient and cost effective subsea support services.

(4)  MANPOWER SUPPLY SOLUTIONS:(Temporary staff hiring – Technical / Administration): Madelyn Energy Limited, with its local and offshore partner companies, is a dependable source for workforce solutions in the oil & gas industry. We provide highly skilled and well trained labor and specialized manpower for jobs (technical & administration) in the oil & gas sector. We are dedicated to delivering the right people with the right knowledge and experience from anywhere in the world to the right jobs.


In Madelyn Energy Limited, we recognize that organization’s most important resource is its employees –Human Capital. We believe that companies in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector should be committed to the training and development of their entire workforce so that they acquire the necessary skills to reach their full potential and meet the ever evolving challenges in the international onshore and subsea Oil and Gas business. By increasing the skills and knowledge of its employees an organization can boast of confident, well trained and highly qualified personnel working as an effective and efficient team.

Consequent upon the above, Madelyn Energy Limited in addition to domestic seminars and training courses powered by Madelyn Energy Limited for the human capital development in the Oil & Gas sector, Madelyn Energy Limited is partnering with a reputable offshore  trainers and facilitators in the international Oil & gas business who provide manpower development & training solutions to the Oil & gas industry worldwide.

We offer a combination of options for our clients to choose from. And the courses recommended will without exception meet the peculiarities of the manpower development needs any organization:

(1)   Referrals: We can recommend, arrange and facilitate participation of employees from companies in the Nigerian onshore and Subsea oil & gas business in scheduled training courses in our offshore partner facilities in the UK or USA.

(2)  Training Courses and Seminars: We make available to employees in the oil & gas industry, world class training courses and seminars locally handled by facilitators and resource persons from our offshore partners who are expert in their respective field.

(3)   Training Modules: We benefit from our offshore partners training modules and training the trainer courses where our domestic staff are trained in our partner’s offshore facilities to enable them  facilitate training courses for medium level indigenous  companies  in the downstream sector of the oil and gas sector; who like the major players need the training provided by our offshore partners but who may not be able to attend a training or seminar powered by high profile  offshore resource persons. (all  our partner’s copyright and  corporate governance issues will be strictly observed and adhered to)


Madelyn Energy Limited undertakes management of turnkey projects. We bring together companies / personnel who specialize in the various areas required to execute and deliver a project according to specification, on time and on budget

We use project management process that produces the most cost effective and time efficient result. We apply scientific management tools such as the GANTT CHART commonly known as project chart (see examples below) to set measurable time lines and targets, indicate milestones and critical path lines for the completion of various phases of the project from project planning & financing, material procurement, manpower sourcing and recruitment, mobilization to site, site preparation, construction and installation, test running and commissioning.

A project manager heads the project team with a single point responsibility of ensuring that the project is executed according to specifications, and completed on time and on budget, while strictly adhering to  the community, safety, health, environmental and security standards / requirements of the industry. The project manager is supported by a project team made up of specialist engineers, cost accountants, safety, environmental and health specialists, and community liaison officers.


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