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Madelyn Oven Fresh Pastry & Grill SBU

  1. Madelyn Oven Fresh Pastry & Grill

    Madelyn Oven Fresh Pastry & Grill is a sub-subsidiary of Madelyn Hotels. It is segmented into four autonomous units for effectiveness and efficiency. These are Madelyn Pastry, Madelyn Grill, Madelyn Shawama and Madelyn Pizza.


    Equipped with the latest technologies this sub-subsidiary boasts the highest quality and hygiene standards. Using this ultra-modern facility and traditional recipes, our expert team continues to produce exceptional range of wholesome products.

    We maintain the best of traditional techniques whilst embracing what modern technology and thinking has to offer. As a company we are focused, well trained and passionate about our products. It is located in Madelyn Hotel Complex in Eket.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is a perfect brew with unique and unmistakable taste of natural coffee blends