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(a) Onshore Logistics & Support Services:

Madelyn Energy Limited offers a world class logistics and support services for on shore operations for companies in the Oil & Gas industry. These services include shipping logistics, freight handling and forwarding and haulage

(i) Freight clearing & Forwarding: We have the ability and capacity to handle and deliver all types of shipments, ranging from highly sensitive and fragile equipments to heavy, awkward-one piece machineries and equipments, to bulk shipments and deliver same to onshore / offshore project sites, and to any part of Nigeria, the West African sub region and the oil rich Gulf of Guinea. We Madelyn Energy Limited will do this on time at acceptable cost while keeping the client up to date with real time information. We in do understand and appreciate the dynamics of companies in the Oil and Gas and process industries who depend on export & import logistics for on- time delivery of vital machineries, equipments and spare parts needed for the execution and completion of time sensitive projects.

(ii) Shipping logistics: Straville Incumbent Ltd offers shipping logistics solutions with a baise for temporary exportation of equipments to manufacturers for repairs, recalibration, or outright replacement, and re-importation of same to the customers. This service becomes necessary if equipment or tools cannot be repaired or recalibrated locally, or if a machinery / equipment with wrong specifications was erroneously shipped by the manufacturer.

(b) Offshore Operations Support Services:

Straville Inc can lease and rent heavy and light Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) like deep water vessel, inland tugs, crew boats, barges, etc to companies in the oil and gas industry. With the technical support of our partner companies who are experts in subsea support services solutions, we are committed to making available to our customers, efficient and cost effective subsea support services.