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Madelyn Energy Limited undertakes management of turnkey projects. We bring together companies / personnel who specialize in the various areas required to execute and deliver a project according to specification, on time and on budget.

We use project management process that produces the most cost effective and time efficient result. We apply scientific management tools such as the GANTT CHART commonly known as project chart (see examples below) to set measurable time lines and targets, indicate milestones and critical path lines for the completion of various phases of the project from project planning & financing, material procurement, manpower sourcing and recruitment, mobilization to site, site preparation, construction and installation, test running and commissioning.

A project manager heads the project team with a single point responsibility of ensuring that the project is executed according to specifications, and completed on time and on budget, while strictly adhering to  the community, safety, health, environmental and security standards / requirements of the industry. The project manager is supported by a project team made up of specialist engineers, cost accountants, safety, environmental and health specialists, and community liaison officers.