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In Madelyn Energy Limited, we recognize that organization’s most important resource is its employees –Human Capital. We believe that companies in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector should be committed to the training and development of their entire workforce so that they acquire the necessary skills to reach their full potential and meet the ever evolving challenges in the international onshore and subsea Oil and Gas business. By increasing the skills and knowledge of its employees an organization can boast of confident, well trained and highly qualified personnel working as an effective and efficient team.

Consequent upon the above, Madelyn Energy Limited in addition to domestic seminars and training courses powered by Madelyn Energy Limited for the human capital development in the Oil & Gas sector, Madelyn Energy Limited is partnering with a reputable offshore  trainers and facilitators in the international Oil & gas business who provide manpower development & training solutions to the Oil & gas industry worldwide.

We offer a combination of options for our clients to choose from. And the courses recommended will without exception meet the peculiarities of the manpower development needs any organization:

(1)   Referrals: We can recommend, arrange and facilitate participation of employees from companies in the Nigerian onshore and Subsea oil & gas business in scheduled training courses in our offshore partner facilities in the UK or USA.

(2)  Training Courses and Seminars: We make available to employees in the oil & gas industry, world class training courses and seminars locally handled by facilitators and resource persons from our offshore partners who are expert in their respective field.

(3)   Training Modules: We benefit from our offshore partners training modules and training the trainer courses where our domestic staff are trained in our partner’s offshore facilities to enable them  facilitate training courses for medium level indigenous  companies  in the downstream sector of the oil and gas sector; who like the major players need the training provided by our offshore partners but who may not be able to attend a training or seminar powered by high profile  offshore resource persons. (all  our partner’s copyright and  corporate governance issues will be strictly observed and adhered to)