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Asset Management

Madelyn Asset Management Limited SBU             

▪Money/Capital Market Operations Financial AdvisoryHuman Capital Real Estate

Madelyn Asset Management Limited is a corporate body registered to carry out investment advisory and corporate finance services. In the first instance, we provide asset and wealth management by coordinating and overseeing and managing our clients’ financial portfolio such as investments, budgets, accounts, insurance and taxes. Madelyn Asset Management Limited provides investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have by themselves. We invest on behalf of our clients and give them access to a wide range of traditional and alternative product offerings that would not be to the average investors. Our products in this area include equity, fixed income, real estate, agriculture and international investments.

In our corporate finance, we ensure that our clients tangible and intangible assets are maintained, accounted for, and put to their highest and best use. Our services in this direction include the management of all assets including financial investments, production machines, technology, and other fixed assets to maximize client's value by managing them to be more reliable, efficient, and cost effective. We evaluate asset financing options, asset accounting methods, productions operation management, and maintenance discipline. We render our services by planning and advising on which supplies and technology or devices to acquire and provide relevant assistance in the acquisition of these equipment. Our handling of financial investments, including tracking, recording, properly accounting for, and even further investing enable our clients to come up with an easily accessible information database for their convenience. We also tailor our services depending on our clients' needs.

Our Specific Services are:

Money/Capital Market Operations:

  • Sub-Broker;
  • Investment Advisers (Corporate & Individual);
  • Money Market Operator;
  • Capital Market Operator;
  • Trading in Securities;
  •  Interface Market Operator;
  • Accountants to Issues;
  • Solicitors to Issues;
  • Fund Raising;
  • Investment Banking;
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Receiving Agents;
  • Fund Management;
  • Valuation of Shares;
  • Venture Capital

Real Estate Management:

  • Property Trading;
  • Real Estate Development;
  • Estate Management;
  • Property Search;
  • Property Letting & Leasing,
  • BOT,
  • Valuation of Property;

Other Fixed Assets Management:

  • Finance Lease,
  • Operation Lease,
  • Hire Purchase,
  • Sale & Lease Back,
  • Debt Factoring,

Investment Strategies:

  • Product Creation,
  • Positioning & Distribution,
  • Micro & Small Business Capital,
  • Restructuring & Private Placement,
  • Venture Capital Specialty,
  •  Pre IPO Niche Strategies

Executorship & Trusteeship

  • Administration of Wills,
  • Distribution of Estate and Intestacy Secession,
  • Executors, Trustees, Personal Representatives,
  • Administration of Deceased Estate, Probate,

Fixed Asset Inventory: Know where your Fixed Assets are

  • Fixed asset inventory count and IT equipment inventory for mergers, acquisitions, and corporate moves.
  • Capital equipment inventory for bankruptcy.
  • Independent government fixed asset inventory for audit compliance.
  • Fixed asset count for business continuity and disaster planning.
  • Physical equipment inventory for capital budgeting, tax reduction, and insurance documentation.